Monday, August 25, 2008

Cascade Crest 100

My first 100 mile run...... Stomach issues for the last 45 miles, bees, bears (actually just one), mosquitoes, vandals, getting lost twice. BUT... The scenery was beautiful (see photo of Mt. Rainier by Glenn), volunteers spectacular, and pacer (Devon) extraordinary! I was so nervous going into this run with White River DNF still lurking. Turns out every day is a new beginning. Charlie Crissman knows how to put on a wonderful event. The run started at 10AM on Saturday so it was nice and warm for the initial climb up to Goat Peak. This climb is the same elevation and mileage as the climb up to Escapment @ Western States only on more technical trails. This set the tone for the next 20 some hours. Climbing, climbing and more climbing (20,147 ft. elevation gain over entire course). I met Devon at mile 52 and we put on our headlamps and took off following the well marked trails with red ribbons and some glow sticks at turns. Unfortunately, some creepy boys thought it would be funny to move the glowsticks so runners would take wrong turns. This ended up costing many of us added miles and time. Something I discovered about putting my body through an experience like this was that it really affected my brain. I have been in this daze like I just took a handful of cold medicine. Even two days out I am having a hard time remembering things. There are sections of the course that I have no recollection of running. My family is having to tell me things over and over again. During the run Devon was answering the same questions I asked 10 miles back. Weird... Will I do it again? ABSOLUTELY! When I wake up and feel normal again I will post some pictures!