Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Pacing WS100 GOOD JOB NIKKI!!!!

I have been wanting to run States since I started running ultras and my luck with the lottery and my racing performance at Montrail Cup races have not been good. Now I realize that the way things happened was all meant to be! I have gained experience in longer races and I was able to get out on the last 38 miles of the course with one of the best runners out there! Pacing Nikki was such a phenomenal experience. That girl works so hard and runs an incredibly smart race. She ended up placing 3rd in a stacked field of women. We had an awesome weekend visiting with friends and running together. Western States, in my opinion, is not the best, most beautiful, or toughest 100 out there but it is a race full of history that I am excited to run. I'm ready to go back next year and check that one off my list!