Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Cle Elum 50k

Photographer Glenn Tachiyama spent his day in the woods taking pictures and cheering runners. It always feels great to see Glenn. Usually it means you have almost reached the top of a hill or you are close to an aid station! Cle Elum was one of the first ultras I signed up for many years ago but schedules conflicted and I have never been able to run it until last weekend. What a wonderful opportunity it was to participate in this run. The weather was warm and the trails were in phenomenal shape. The whole race except one mile is on trails. The first 17 miles we climbed to approximately 6000 feet and then headed down the last 14. It makes it fun when the second half split is faster. Race directors Chris and Marty Fagen did a great job. So much work goes into ultras. I truly believe the runners have the easy part. No more racing for me until November. This 50k was soooo fun I hate to say I am done for a while (running is quite the addiction) but it's time to rest and focus on some other things.