Monday, August 9, 2010

Speedgoat 50k

The first word that comes to mind is HARD!!! Wow, what an incredible challenge. The altitude (between 7000 and 12000 ft.), the climbing (12000 ft.), the descending (another 12000 ft.), and the heat got me. It was completely worth it though. My son Riley came to this race which meant so much to me. He had never been to one of my races before and to see his face throughout the day at aid stations was the best. He is now wanting to return to Snowbird to go snowboarding for his 16th birthday in January. I heard from many people that I would be cursing Karl's name throughout this race. I also heard that even the downhills were hard. All true. The cursing didn't start until about mile 16 but by then I did think of some really mean names to call him. It took me forever to finish this run. Seriously....I looked at my watch with 10 miles to go and was made painfully aware that I had run 50 milers faster than this little 50k. All that difficultly made it that much more fun and made me appreciate that beer at the finish line and the popsicles at Roch's aid station even more! Karl and Scott really do put on a great race and I would go back in a second to do it again. Hopefully being out there at altitude gave me a little preparation for my next big adventure. TRANSROCKIES!!!