Sunday, July 27, 2008

White RIver 50 mile

Saturday was not my day. The first five miles of the race I had this feeling things were not going well. Funny thing with running (and life), you can be so prepared and doing great and then WHAM! Something happens that reminds you we are here to learn and sometimes the lessons can be tough. I am a pretty stubborn Aries and even though a little voice in my head was saying, "Drop out Monica, save yourself for Cascade Crest" I just couldn't do it until I...

1. tripped and fell within the first 10 miles
2. had a terrible time breathing the first climb
3. had cramping calves
4. had an upset stomach
5. tripped and fell again during the decent
6. had cramping hamstrings
7. tripped and fell for the 3rd time coming out of the aid station at 27 miles

Photo by Glenn

OK...I do have a reputation of tripping but this was getting ridiculous!

8. got to the top of Sunset and decided my stomach could not handle the 6 mile road down.

So, I did it. I dropped at 37 miles. Terrible, terrible feeling. I have never dropped before and I hope I never do again. I sit here the next day wondering if I should have made myself finish. Really though, what would that prove? At least now I can focus on CCC100 and work on what went wrong yesterday.

What I loved about this weekend was I got to hang out with some amazingly awesome, kind, fun, intelligent, positive, talented runners and volunteers. The first and second place women were both 40+ and they ran incredibly well! Susannah set a new course record, Kami was second. That gives me hope for some better running to come the next few years! Annie placed 3rd. I am so glad I have visited with her during a couple races. She is one of the nicest women I know. I also got to meet Devon. She is going to pace me at CCC. Krissy accidentally double booked so she suggested her friend. Devon is full of personality and seems like a great gal (not to mention a super speedy runner)! I can't wait to get to know her better.

So, the good definitely outweighs the bad. I am so thankful for all the good running has brought me.


kendrara said...

Hey Monica, I kept waiting to hear your friendly voice behind me - it sounds like we had similar bad experiences despite the day being so promising. Well, you got a nice 37 mile training run in for CCC! I'm so glad you found a pacer in Devon - there should never be a dull moment! I think it's best I didn't say yes as all I want to do right now is keep my feetsies up on this ottoman and drink ice coffees >:) ... I'm ready for a break but I'll be keeping my eye on you, girl. Way to hang in for as long as you did.

Oliver Ochs said...

Don't sweat it Monica. I believe that there has to be bad in order to appreciate the good. 37 is still an amazing amount of running and nothing to be ashamed of. You are an incredible runner, one who should consider a helmet:) Is there a sponsor out there? Possibly a new trend for you to start.


gtach said...

sorry to hear you had such a bad day, but the blood running down your leg and your clothes covered with dirt did look badass. i expect to see that familiar smile when you rock cc100!

Jon said...

Whoa! So I wasn't the only rough bleeder! Your list sounds lot similar to mine.

1. First fall about a quart mile from Ranger Creek (cut along the left knee)
2. Monster calf and quad cramps at that pile of snow before Corral Pass.
3. Second fall a mile away from Ranger Creek near that downed tree we all had to get around (smashed left leg, chest scratches, deep left hand cut).
4. Final fall about a half mile away from the finish (scratched up right forearm, 15 inch long gash along the right side of my back, 6 inch diameter bruise on my right hip.) - THAT WAS THE WORST!

Wish I would have been able to catch you at the finish to pick your brain about CrossFit. Oh well, there's always the next race. :-)

Recover well and kick some butt at CCC!

Monica Ochs said...

Thank you everyone! I'm done pouting and ready to work my bum off the next few weeks! No falls, no falls, no falls...

GotLegs! said...

Hey Monica, sorry about the run. Shawn and I were waiting for you to catch us on the climb to Fawn Ridge and knew something must have been up when we didn't see you by Suntop.

Let us know if you want to do some more training on CCC (I promise not to cross any logs). Also, I think a group is heading out there this Sat (8/2). I would suggest hooking up with them if you can. It may be a slower group but I think you need to appreciate for yourself the Needles and beyond WITHOUT snow. It's a tough part of the course that you will no doubt see before the sun comes up.

- t

amy said...

Hi Monica,
Sorry to hear about the falls--I have a similar problem. I like to think of it as an efficient stride that just doesn't always quite clear barriers. Best of luck at CCC and hope to meet you soon!


Doug McKeever said...

Monica: I was too busy writing down racer's numbers at Ranger Cr. to look up much, but I did notice a nasty bloody knee when you came though the second time.
It is indeed very tough to have to drop out (I know!), but sometimes it is the best decision one can make. It doesn't necessarily make you any less of a fact, it shows you are smart! I used to say "if the bone ain't showin', keep on goin'", catchy but silly!If one is just really tired, keep going....if one is sick or injured or both, save yourself for another day! have a good day at CCC!

kelly said...

Hi Monica, Lisa sends me your blog and it made me think of when I quit Whidbey--we stayed at your place the night before. Here are my 7 reasons for quitting.

1. the guy that had the peanut M and Ms ran out at mile 5
2. the only person that had someone cheering for her on the course was a 12 year old
3. it started raining at mile 9
4. there was a gravely part at mile 16 that was uncomfortable on my feet
5. the headwind at mile 17 blew my hat off
6. the tent at 19 was white. I really wanted it to be red
7. there were 2 very nice men who obviously wanted to give me a lift back to the finish line at mile 21. I did not want to let them down.

Cheers to you for being a great runner!!!!