Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Rose Valley 33 Mile (Substitute for Santa Barbara Nine Trails)

Due to the Tea Fire in the Santa Barbara area the race that was originally scheduled had to be moved to trails in the Ojai Valley. Race Director Luis Escobar accomplished this task with only a week until race day. I am so impressed with the work he and all the volunteers put into this race. Having never run the Santa Barbara Nine Trail Run I don't know what I missed, but from all accounts it is THE race to attend! I hope to go back next year for the real deal!

Rose Valley 33 mile Run was great! The sky was clear blue and the stars were bright at the start. It was cold with temperatures in the upper 30s but after the first climb I warmed up nicely. By 8:00 I was wishing I had applied sunscreen and worn sunglasses! This race was held on part of the course that Coyote 2 Moons 100 mile run is on. It had long climbs (9700 feet total elevation gain) and over 20 miles of single track trail. The views were incredible of the Ojai Valley, Lake Casitas, Pacific Ocean and The Channel Islands. I ran the first 10 miles or so with Krissy and Luanne and then settled into my own slower pace as they took off down hill. Even when running alone, since the course was an out and back plus a couple more out and backs off the main course I was able to see people and keep up with how everyone was doing. I ended up placing 2nd girl and 8th overall with a time of 5:39.


annette bednosky said...

Hi Monica,
I tried to post a minute ago-yet appeared to get snafu'd...my apologies if this is a repeat. Congrats on a fast run! Awesome photo of you and Krissy! You both belong as companions in a Patagonia or Title Nine ad! (I mean this in a fabulously good way!)

Footfeathers said...

Sweet run. I think it's perfect for our newsletter; concise and informative. Take care.

Monica is the funk queen of the universe said...

Congratulations, Funk Queen.

Krissy said...

Slow pace, yah right girl. You ran awesome it was great to see you down in California. So wonderful to get some warm sun before we head into winter. Hope you recovered well.