Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Miwok 100k

Pictures taken at Miwok 100k 5/2/09 Results here:

The weeks leading up to Miwok I was not sure I would be running. I had nagging injuries since American River and I just kept procrastinating on making a decision about whether or not I would attempt it. I decided I would still go and volunteer if I was not feeling better by Friday. I arrived Friday afternoon and met up with Devon. She lives in Sausalito part-time so she was familiar with the area and took me to a great place for lunch and then we searched the city for a place to re-pierce my nose (my instructor for hospital rotations made me take it out and it grew back by the next day)! We then went to dinner with a group of Pacific North Westerners who were down for the race. The whole day I did not even notice my hip or knee. DECISION MADE!! I would run the 100k in the morning!

Devon picked me up at 4:45 and took me to the start (what a great friend). It was so fun to see people I have not seen in years and to meet people who I have visited with on Facebook but never met. I hooked up with Elinor and her Dad who came to crew for me again after just meeting last month at American River. They were AWESOME!!! They stood in the rain ALL DAY and always had just what I needed at the aid stations. I felt incredibly spoiled.

I have heard from many people that Miwok is one of the most beautiful races out there. Unfortunately, Saturday was not the day to see the views. I left the sunshine in Seattle and experienced the rain, wind, and fog of San Francisco. I was so cold that by mile 24 I looked at my hands and they were a lovely shade of blue. All I could think of was how good that warm shower was going to feel. I did enjoy this race despite the weather. It was fun seeing the front runners at the turn-around, the course was challenging yet runnable, the volunteers were spectacular, I had no stomach problems, and my body held up all 62 miles. Would I do this race again to see those views? Absofreakinglutely!

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