Monday, August 31, 2009

Where's Waldo 100k and Pacing at Cascade Crest 100

Picture on top is the start of Cascade Crest 100 and bottom picture is Amy Sproston and me at the finish of Where's Waldo. The past two weekends I spent in the mountains surrounded by the beauty of the Pacific Northwest. First up was Where's Waldo 100k. This is my new favorite race. I'm sure it is going to be one of those races that fills immediately if everyone who runs it is as impressed as I am. The scenery was incredible and the organization of the race was stellar. Montrail is including it in the Ultra Cup and USA Track and Field uses it as a 100k championship so it attracts some top notch runners. I also paced at CCC100 the following weekend. I had a great time crewing through the day, visiting friends, and pacing through the night. This was my first attempt at pacing and it really makes me appreciate the work Devon and Annie put in when they paced me at CCC last year and TRT in July. It is great to watch your runner succeed and to help them through the tough spots. Something was in the air both at Waldo and CCC. Course records were broken and times were FAST! I had a blast being a part of it all!

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Erik Maximillion Swordmaker said...

Daniel mentioned many times how happy he was to have you there pacing at ccc helping him to his pr for a 100. Erik S