Friday, December 4, 2009

JFK 50

I flew out to Maryland a few weeks ago to run the biggest ultra in the U.S. I had decided to run JFK while in California last April running American River 50. Annette said she was going to run it so I thought it would be fun to meet up with her for another adventure in seven months. I also knew that my friend Devon would be there and Meghan (who I met at Where's Waldo) too! It would be another great Girl's weekend! I arrived Thursday around midnight and was told my luggage did not make it. I had a minor freak out because my shoes, orthotics, EVERYTHING was in that bag. I stayed that night near the Baltimore airport with the hope my bag would arrive in the morning. It did and Saturday I was off to Hagerstown. Devon told me where a good little natural foods store was so I stocked up on goodies, picked up my race bag, visited with Annette and met Devon and Meghan for dinner. The next morning I was up dark and early to get to the race start. This race was very similar to American River except the climbing and trail section are in the beginning of the run instead of the end. The trail section was different than trails I am used to in Washington. It had big rocks covered with leaves. I managed to twist my ankle a few times and fall twice. I was trying to keep track of who was in front of me but during that trail section I think I was passed by four women. I figured I was in about 9th place. Not what I wanted but ok considering the field and the fact that there were over a thousand people running this race. Once I was on the path along the river I felt like I could pick up speed and really get going. I think I was able to run that 26 miles in around 3:20. In the last 10 miles of the race I passed five women and came in fourth place behind Devon (course record, oh yea!), Meghan, and Annette. The four of us (and awesome Coach Howard) went out to dinner that night and celebrated a great day.

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annette bednosky said...

Monica! Excellent JFK you ran AT and C&O toe path with a stress fracture? you Hardass/rocking/smart/fast girl!

I wish you very complete and fast healing! I loved seeing you and spending time at JFK! Let's be in touch soon and find where we will find meeting of our paths!