Friday, January 8, 2010

itty, bitty, bone....BIG bummer

I'm trying hard not to let this broken metatarsal influence my mood but unfortunately it is affecting my attitude greatly. I miss my alone time in the woods. I miss running with friends. I miss that feeling post-run when I feel every muscle telling me they are tired yet happy. I miss everything about it. Six weeks into recovery it is feeling like I will never be ready to race. My latest X-rays show moderate healing but they also show displacement which means surgery may need to happen if that displacement starts causing other problems like neuromas or other body mechanic issues. Time will tell. In the meantime I am resting, doing pilates, eating well, and working out on the eliptical. I am just doing my best to treat that foot well so I can get out there soon. So, here is my plea...I promise to listen to my body from now on and not ignore aches and pains. I have learned the hard way that they are there for a reason and I need to respect them. I have also learned how important running is to me. It is so much more than the competition of racing or the camaraderie with friends who have similar interests. It is me. It is when I feel most alive. It helps me be a better mom and wife because it is my way of taking care of myself.

Here is what I am thinking for 2010....

Way Too Cool 50k
American River 50 mile
Miwok 100k
sent app in for Hardrock
Speedgoat 50k
Pine to Palm 100

Come on foot!!!!


Devon said...

Heal up soon girlie! Sending you lots of good healthy thoughts. And hope to see you at AR!

Lisa and Oliver Ochs said...

Life's lessons can be painful and excruciating, but lessons nonetheless. You will be out there again SOON, you will. I hope surgery is not the answer:(. I'm sending you healing thoughts with a dash of patience as well. Try to enjoy the cross training and the warm, dry indoors of the gym or living room!

Ginger Rockstar said...

I understand your feelings. I was unable to do any training for 5 months due to a broken hip and DVT. I couldn't cross-train. I couldn't swim. I did an upper body ergometer and some arm weights. I started walking without crutches in October and jogged a mile for the first time in November (since June). Obviously there are bigger issues in the world and more serious medical conditions than the injuries we have but don't regret feeling sad. It's O.K. to feel sad and depressed. Just know, it will get better. I'm alive, I can walk and jog again. I am so happy. You will be happy again soon too. It's not a crime to ask your GP for help. I did and I don't regret it. Hang in there.

Christine Crawford

amy said...

I know exactly how you are feeling right now. If nothing else, the past couple of months without running have made me realize how much I cherish that alone time in the woods. It really does center me, and without it I'm a wee bit out of balance.

I think the balance between respecting twinges and pushing through is a difficult one in ultras, bc with the mileage come lots of little aches and pains. Sometimes it's hard to know which ones are serious.

I hope you heal quickly--I look forward to running with you on the trails soon!

Anonymous said...

Knowledge is a treasure, but practice is the key to it...................................................

JennOfSubduedExcitement said...

come on Foot!!!!!